Early Childhood
Flagstaff, AZ
The CCESA and the Accommodation District focus on early childhood as a means for social, emotional, and academic readiness for every child in Coconino County.
Ponderosa High School
Flagstaff, AZ
Ponderosa High School is an accredited high school with a rigorous and unique cirriculum. The graduates will focus on sustainability, student empowerment and involvement in our community.
Tse' Yaato' High School
Page, AZ
Tse’ Yaato’ High School is an accredited high school that provides all students an opportunity to earn a high school diploma. The focus at Tse' Yaato' is “hands on” instruction.
"Ponderosa High School creates unique opportunities for students to learn and succeed by applying what they know about the land and culture of northern Arizona and by using innovative strategies to help students discover their strengths. NAU is honored to participate in this dynamic center for learning."
Andrea Houchard
Philosophy Department Faculty, Northern Arizona University
"Ponderosa made a difference in my life because the instructors didn’t care where I came from or how bad my grades were; the cared solely on my successes as a student."
Van West
Ponderosa Class of 2009 and future UNM graduating class of 2015