“At first I thought this school was gonna be the worst school year of my life but I was so wrong. Being here has been the best and most fun I’ve had at school. My teachers and classmates are great especially my teachers. They’re so great at doing their job and helping me get back on track in time to graduate. So I’m glad I came to this school.” – Branson

PHS is a good school and can help out with daily struggles you might have at a regular school. The snacks here are good. The schedule is okay to me. And PHS has pretty good vibes to me it’s super chill and calm.” – Adriana

“What I think is working at PHS is the Plato courses, you get guided notes, and if you need any help there is always someone around to help. Also the Staff like the teachers, student teachers, principal, and Mary, etc. are the best you guys are great with students and help out so much even if you think you don’t. I love the food as well but I think it because I love food too much.” – Angelica

“PHS is a great school I like the vibes and its relaxing and I’m able to be myself, although and am still figuring out who I am. The vibe is great the teachers and all staff are understanding. I’m able to do things at my own pace as well.” – Sara

“This school is a good school that I’ve been to. I’ve never had a school where I could go to someone and talk about what’s bothering me. I actually trust this school and it’s a first because I’ve never really trusted any school before. Working here (with TerraBirds) is good also. I don’t think any other schools actually have you work and get paid. It’s a good first start for people who want to start working at a young age. I would recommend this school to my younger siblings.”

“I used to go to a local High School and I could tell you from experience that I have a better vision of my future going to school here. What I like about this school is the freedom and patience they provide for you.” 

“The teachers here at Ponderosa are fluent and confident in the subject they teach.” 

“Ponderosa has the goal to help you graduate and help students to reach it. The teachers are supportive with getting you what you want. They are flexible and fun teachers.” 

“It is a fair school if you do your work and have fun.” 

“We do great hands on science experiments like one time we built a rocket out of 2-liter plastic bottles and went to launch them at a park.”