Ponderosa High School

Ponderosa High School is a “school of choice” located in Flagstaff AZ. PHS offers a supportive, non-traditional effective learning environment for students by providing a flexible education that takes into consideration the learning styles and individual needs of our students.

Tse Yaato High School

Tse Yaato High School is a recognized “school of distinction” located in Page AZ. Tse’Yaato’ High School provides students with an opportunity to complete a high school education in an accommodating and non-traditional setting.

AOI Online Program

CCASD Online is to provide a flexible and accommodating learning environment to inspire students to be champions of their own learning.

Terra Birds

Terra BIRDS has been providing schools and teachers in Flagstaff, Arizona, with garden programs that engage students as the stewards of their school grounds, urban habitats and garden spaces.

PHS Sustainability Initiative

Terra Birds 


Terra BIRDS is a Flagstaff based nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that has provided gardening education for K-12 students for 10+ years. Focusing on themes of sustainability, stewardship, and community wellness, we have served over 12,000 students in 478 classrooms at 22 schools in the last decade. Terra BIRDS’ three program areas of School Gardens, Community Gardens, and Green Jobs, are each dedicated to the cultivation of compassion, critical inquiry, thoughtful decision making, regeneration, and building community.



Terra BIRDS formed in 2010 to respond to the desire of elementary school teachers who wanted to get kids outside and learning in nature. Since then, Terra BIRDS has been leading students in the transformation of their school campuses into sustainable landscapes that support food gardens and native habitat, managing soil, water, wildlife and human needs with teamwork and thoughtful problem solving.


The Greenhouse Class at Ponderosa High School

As part of our School Gardens Program, students at Ponderosa have the opportunity to enroll in an elective-accredited Environmental Science/Greenhouse class. In this course, students learn how to care for their environment, each other, and themselves. In this hands-on experiential class students learn to collaborate in the planning, care, and maintenance of vegetable gardens, fruit orchards, food forests, and native habitat. Caring for plants and surrounding ecological habitat is a therapeutic medium for students to succeed in immersive education and to experience academic achievement. The Greenhouse class also incorporates the arts, and through sketching, mural painting, and journaling, students have the opportunity to observe nature and to develop a deeper connection with the natural world and with oneself. Land-based education teaches the power of place, and illustrates multiple ways of learning and teaching beyond the four walls of a typical classroom.


Green Jobs

Through our Green Jobs Program, students may apply for our BIRDS@Work after school job training program. This program meets weekly to work towards enhancing our local food system, mitigating flood damage, restoring native habitat, and other landscape and gardening projects around campus. The Green Jobs program is a blend of classroom instruction, trade skill coaching, 1-1 mentorship, and paid land stewardship employment. This professional development program exposes students to potential employers while teaching youth sustainable strategies to be skilled laborers as the next generation in the workforce.


What We Do  

In addition to creating outdoor learning and green spaces across school campuses, Terra BIRDS partners with local organizations to enhance learning through experiential learning.  The following are examples of some of the many adventures our students have experienced:

  • Field trips across Coconino County;
  • River Trips on the San Juan River;
  • Day hikes at McMillan Mesa and Cathedral Wash;
  • USGS fish surveying at Grand Falls on the Navajo Nation; and
  • Farm visits to Sedona and the Village of Moencopi on the Hopi Reservation.


Terra BIRDS also hosts special events throughout each academic quarter with guest speakers, enrichment educators,  public art projects, and cultural cookery workshops for students, teachers, and staff to build community.


Connect With Us 

Website: https://www.terrabirds.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/terrabirds

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/terra_birds/

Email: Info@terrabirds.org


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Hear What Current Students Have To Say!
Hear What Current Students Have To Say!

“At first I thought this school was gonna be the worst school year of my life but I was so wrong. Being here has been the best and most fun I’ve had at school. My teachers and classmates are great especially my teachers. They’re so great at doing their job and helping...

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Get Paid with the Terra Birds Program
Get Paid with the Terra Birds Program

Terra Birds have been developing sustainable landscapes at many campuses in all of Northern Arizona. If located in Flagstaff, you can get paid after school with the Terra Birds. Please contact John Taylor for the info. 

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