Students, Parents and Community partners have a lot to say about Ponderosa High School....

“Ponderosa guided me into graduation with a congressional honor from the Arizona board of Regents and governor of Arizona. I also gained the ability to grasp a future career that I never thought was possible”
Cody Riepe, Congressional Recipient
STEM student adviser

“Ponderosa is different from other high schools because their staff cares about every student and made the transition from high school to college much easier”
Ben Savin, Class of 2013

“Ponderosa is the only high school I’ve attended where every teacher knows you on a personal level and actually cares about you not only as a student but also as a young adult with a future. It’s the only school I attended on a daily basis because I had to but because I wanted to be there”
Aimee Schaeffer, Class of 2013

“Ponderosa High School creates unique opportunities for students to learn and succeed by applying what they know about the land and culture of northern Arizona. Many Ponderosa students are native students who maintain a strong connection to this region through the cultural traditions of their families and tribes. Faculty at Ponderosa have used innovative strategies to help these students discover their strengths. They have built a greenhouse and a meditation circle, and given students the confidence to lead tours where they explain how they use these resources. The faculty clearly believe in the potential of these students and are committed to helping them succeed. Students have the opportunity to build confidence outside the classroom, and then bring it back when they return. The faculty have also welcomed innovative curricula that use philosophical concepts to deepen students’ understanding of real-world experiences. NAU philosophy students work with Ponderosa High School students on two programs–environmental ethics and moral courage. NAU students and faculty are humbled by the unique insight and deep connection Ponderosa students have for the region. We are honored to participate in this dynamic center for learning.”
Andrea Houchard, Northern Arizona University
Philosophy Department, Environmental Ethics Outreach Program Director

“Ponderosa makes everyone feel like an individual, not just part of a crowd”
Anfernee Butler, Class of 2013
Kane Ranch Ecological Restoration Project Participant

“Ponderosa provided a safe and comfortable learning environment. Ponderosa has thoughtful and caring instructors who care about student success and teaches high school students the fundamentals of critical thinking and problem solving. Ponderosa made a difference in my life because the instructors didn’t care where I came from or how bad my grades were; the cared solely on my successes as a student”
Van West, Ponderosa Class of 2009
University of New Mexico Class of 2015