Governing Board Minutes




FY 18 Adopted Budget:




December FY17 Budget revision meeting:



Click here for FY17 Adopted Budget 2017WRKSHT 2017EXPBUD

Click here for FY17 Proposed Budget 2017EXPBUD 2017WRKSHT

Click here for FY17 Proposed Budget Hearing Notification:  BudgetAdoptionHearingNotification2017

Links to the May revision of the FY16 Budget: 2016EXPBUD 2016WRKSHT

Click here for FY16 May Revision Budget Hearing Notification RevisedHearingNotification2016

Links to the December revision of the FY16 Budget:   2016WRKSHT.xls 2016EXPBUD.xls

Click here for FY16 December Revision Budget Hearing Notification: RevisedHearingNotification2016

Link to FY15 Annual Financial Report:

2015 AFR.xls

Link to FY16 Budget Worksheets Link to FY16 Adopted Budget

Click here for FY16 Adopted Budget Hearing NotificationHearingNotification2016

Click on any link below to access full copies of minutes from monthly governing board minutes.

September 2013 Sept 18 Official Board Minutes

October 2013 Official Board Minutes Oct 15, 2013

November 2014 Official Board Minutes from November 12, 2014

October 2014 Official Board Minutes from October 21, 2014

Disclosure & December 30 Agenda

December 2014 REVISED DRAFT Board Minutes from December 10, 2014

January 2015 Agenda Disclosure & January 30, 2015 Agenda

April 2015 Minutes Board Minutes April 27

May 2015 Minutes Board Minutes May 8 2015


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